Access & Facilitations

Casablanca - Mohammed V Airport



Before arriving at the airport, you must identify your flight's terminal on your ticket.

Once at the terminal, you can check the information screens displayed in the two terminals to find out the check-in area and boarding gate is dedicated to your flight.

  • Terminal 1 is dedicated to Royal Air Maroc and its partners.
  • Terminal 2 is dedicated to other airlines


Make sure to arrive at the airport as early as you can, ideally 3 hours before your scheduled flight, to ensure a smooth and stress-free check-in process and departure :


Find the appropriate check-in counter for your flight according to your airline.

Have your documents ready - passport (or identity card), electronic reservation number (code) or paper ticket (if you have one).
At the check-in counter, dedicated staff will ask you to present the above documents and hand over your check-in baggage, which will be weighed and taken on board the aircraft in the hold.



Once your documents have been verified and your baggage checked in, you will receive a boarding pass, on average after 20 minutes following your presentation to the queues, which entitles you to board the aircraft.
Once check-in is complete, proceed to the appropriate gate, where each passenger undergoes a security check.

During the security check, each passenger must place items such as keys, telephones, belts, electronic equipment carried in hand luggage, as well as coats, jackets, hats and scarves, in the bins provided on the conveyor belt. Processing time depends on peak times, but we work with our partner services and deploy assistance and guidance agents to reduce your waiting time.


Once the security check is complete, you proceed to the police counters to stamp your passport, pass through a second security check and proceed to the appropriate gate, from where you can board the aircraft. Average processing time is no more than 20 minutes.

Boarding time is indicated on the boarding pass and on the notice boards.
While you're waiting for your flight, you can enjoy a spot of shopping and dining.

Stores & Services

Mohammed V airport offers a wide range of stores, restaurants and services to make your stay in our terminals a memorable one. (Link to shops)


Please check the information screens for your flight, as last minute changes may occur. If in doubt, please go to the nearest information desk.

Please note that, in general, boarding begins 40 minutes before departure time.