Service to dealers

The Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA) is required to ensure that all competitors get the needed information in various phases of the procedures of granting concessions (data, statistics, assignment plans, etc.).

It should also ensure the adaptability of the granted concessions to the conditions of safety, security, quality and safeguard of the airport area (facilitating modalities and time of the acquisition of access titles, access badges to the concession and its staff according to the zone).

ONDA is committed on providing a smooth and efficient administrative service to dealers. This service is running, among other things, about the formalization of the activity through the establishment of contractual documents, processing requests, claims, transfer of business...to guarantee good operating conditions at the level of assigned property.

ONDA develops and diversifies concessions which are granted through the adoption of a diverse range of commercial activities to meet the concept of Aeroville “The Airport, main National showcase”.

The offer of services and benefits of ONDA also involves the provision, in favor of concessionaires, of various community amenities as part of the Airport public domain.

At this level intervenes the contribution of the common expenses supported by the concessions for services provided by ONDA (lighting, water, heating, air-conditioning, telephone wiring, cleaning, etc.).

ONDA accompanies the concessions in marketing operations to improve their turnovers, advertisements, (shop-windows, billboards and signs) on the spot, and that by granting the approval of ONDA.

Supervision in collaboration with marketing and communication services, commercial animation policy in our Airports. This involves the provision of shops present at the terminal of a communication media (website ONDA).

The aim being to inform the customer passengers and their guides of the promotional campaigns on line, scheduled in consultation with ONDA’s services.

The implementation of an online shopping access and map services “Commercial Mapping” and of an exhaustive list by location, business signs and airport implementation, of all our  business partners in various commercial galleries:

  • Shops.
  • Services (bank, exchange offices, hairdressers, post-offices, travel-agencies and car rental)
  • Restaurants, cafes, etc.

Opening and closing hours of shops on the spot:

  • Diffusion of  all periodic animations in commercial spaces, as well as advertising operations or discount offers on services and products sold by concessions on site. For example: a loyalty card for passengers benefiting from ONDA’s VIP lounges.
  • The frequent promotional operations of dealers (special discounts, package deals, etc).