The institution

Major projects

The Moroccan Airports Authority ONDA is vested with strategic duties, in so far as it regulates not only the development of Air Transport in Morocco, but also the related Economic Sectors.

These duties cover the management of International Air Traffic, Aviation Security and  service quality which the ONDA is in charge of .This involves the credibility of the Moroccan authorities towards the International Aviation Community .

The strategic plan of the ONDA is part of the dynamics that the Establishment knows today. This plan integrates among its objectives, the development of all airport platforms.

Recent years have seen the completion of a number of sites. This will lead to the development of new platforms mainly related to the following projects:

  • The development of Marrakech Menara Airport (December 2016).
  • The development of FES SAISS Airport (May 2017).
  • The development of CASABLANCA Airport (January 2019).
  • The development of Nador El Aroui Airport (July 2021).

These development projects aim to modernize infrastructures, at a substantial improvement of the quality of services and at an adequate upgrading of safety equipment and Air Navigation.

These extensions have required the establishment of a number of equipment and facilities dedicated to the operation of the new terminal. It will also ensure the reception of different types of Aircraft, in a manner consistent with the standards and regulations in effect