Opportunities of implantation

The Moroccan Airports offer several implantation opportunities.

The development of the commercial galleries follows an architectural concept that meets the international standards. The objective is to ensure an optimized commercial exploitation for profitability in the short and medium terms.

To create a climate of healthy competition, we ensure a wider rivalry between dealers of similar or different commercial activity.

ONDA is also conscious to ensure respect of the principle of equal treatment of bidders in all phases of granting concessions. Rules are in place to ensure a full transparency in the granting of concessions.

In this sense, ONDA has established, with concessionaires, a partnership based on listening and common actions.

A state-owned and commercial pricing (in DH/ DF/ M2/Year) is applied. It is suitable to the mode of airport concession and is essentially advantageous over state-owned for rent downtown.

Flexible, the state-owned pricing varies depending on the use made of the property distributed, the zoning (terminal or non-terminal) from the airport and the site of implantation.