The institution

Our Values

Our core values guide our behavior and serve as a foundation for the decisions we make. In everything we do at ONDA, we adopt and embody the following values :

Respect :

Act in consideration of, courtesy, honesty with, listening actively to and respecting the others.

Team spirit :

Work together for a collective success in all transparency and with particular care to maintaining the dignity and the personal life of the collaborators.

Transparency :

Avoid any form of opacity in daily actions.

Loyalty :

Behave at all times towards ONDA in a loyal and diligent manner that protects its interests.

Integrity :

Behave honestly and fairly and treat your employees and partners equally.

Responsibility :

Perform our duties with loyalty, professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness and objectivity.

Excellence :

Always be part of the performance quest and cherish the exemplary management.


arbre des valeurs