Travel documents


Passport - International

A passport is a movement document issued by the government of your state. In some countries, your passport must be valid for between 3 and 6 months after your date of entry or exit from the territory (check with the consulate of your destination country).

Vaccine Passport

The Vaccine Passport, also called the vaccination certificate or health passport, is a document which certifies that a person has well received all the required doses of the anti Covid-19 vaccine

E-VISA Morocco

For foreigners nationals wishing to access Moroccan territory, initiate and follow their Visa or AEVM applications online (Electronic Travel Authorizations in Morocco), consult the portal (from the MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AFRICAN COOPERATION AND MOROCCAN EXPATRIATES).

Visa and Resident Permit - International

Some countries require a visa in addition to your passport. Check with the consulate of your destination country.

For residents in the destination country, you must submit your residence permit.

Identity card - National

A check of identity is required. You are required to present one of the following valid documents: national identity card, residence card or passport.

Boarding card - National et International

It is a document issued at the end of the registration. It shows travelers the boarding gate, the place on board the plane and the boarding time.

This document is usually given at check-in counters. For some airlines, it is possible to retrieve it on the internet (check with your airline).

Vaccination record - International

A vaccination record is particularly necessary for certain destinations. The required vaccinations must be made between 10 days and 2 months before your departure.

Check with your travel agency, your airline or consulate of your destination country.

Air ticket - National et International

The plane ticket is your travel ticket. You can buy one from an airline or a travel agency, either by direct sales at a counter, or by distance-selling (Telephone, internet, etc.).

Next to the usual ticket, as flight coupons issued on paper to passengers (completed either manually or through automatic process), passengers are offered now a second formula. This is the electronic ticket.

In fact, some companies issue electronic tickets. In which case a passenger’s itinerary receipt will be handed upon request.