Activity License

The objective of the authorization of activities is to set the concession’s conditions grants by ONDA. It is also setting the forms in which the related agreements “concessions’ contracts” take place and are executed.

We mean by:

  • Concession: Land or local subject to the regime of temporary occupation of public domain.
  • Licensor: in this case ONDA, as a legal person under public law.
  • Concessionaire: Natural or legal person to whom a license is granted in accordance with the provisions of the Dahir of 24 Safar 1337 (30 November 1918), on temporary occupation of the public domain.
  • Convention: Any agreement between the grantor and a natural or legal person called dealer.
  • Contractor: The bidder whose proposal was selected before concluding the convention.
  • Licensing Authority: ONDA’s CEO or a person delegated by him for the purpose of approving the concession’s agreements.
  • Candidate: Any natural or legal person who participates in an open call for tender, to a request for commercial proposals with pre-selection or to a negotiated procedure.
  • Bidder: Any natural or legal person who submits a proposal to conclude a concession agreement.
  • Holder: A contractor who has concluded a concession agreement.

The activities which are subject to agreements must respond exclusively to the nature and extent of the expressed needs. The latter concern in particular the commercial development of extra-aeronautic activities of The Moroccan Airports Authority.

The Moroccan Airports Authority may establish an estimate of state and/or commercial fees. This estimation depends on the nature and object of the request for propositions for commercial exploitation concessions.

This estimation is based on the cost per covered square meter for state fees, the cost per square meter landscaped for the Aeropole concessions and the commercial fees applied for the same type of activity depending on which airport.