Human resources

Human Resources Policy

As part of the implementation of ONDA’s strategic plan, a new Human Resources policy has been implemented based on the following seven areas:

1- HR proximity administrative management

That empowers the entire officers, through a participatory approach to respond quickly and effectively to any staff’s administrative and professional daily needs. (Staff file, Illness file, AT File or occupational disease, queries and complaints...)

2- Promoting the employees well being 

by adopting fair rules relating to the salaries management, advanced social protection and promoting social welfare of employees and their families. (Wages, mandatory social coverage, complementary social security, social advantages and social action...)

3- A suitable recruitment and integration policy as well as concerning the appointment to responsibility positions 

which complies with the rules, regulations and standards and provides new recruits a personalized support (recruitment and integration and appointments)

4- Human Resources management advanced tools  

that govern labor relations within ONDA and enable the foundation of transparent and common rules. (RI, STATUS, REC, PROCEDURES HANDBOOK, SIRH...)

5- Individual skills development 

by adopting a credible and effective assessment system and a training policy that enables career evolution that meets ONDA’s administrative needs and employees legitimate ambitions as well (Assessment system, training and skills development, careers evolution)

6- A responsible approach to safety and environment 

Which consists in undertaking all legal, regulatory and normative measures related to risks prevention and staff protection (occupational medicine, CHS...)

7- An openness and dialogue policy

based on partnership, listening, compromise and respect of commitments.