The institution

Historic of the ONDA

Up to 1980, Moroccan Airports and Air Navigation services were directly managed by the administration (Ministry of Transport).

With the construction and commissioning of the Mohammed V Airport’s Terminal and the creation, in 1980, of the first public establishment of Airport management, OAC (the Establishment of Casablanca Airports), which duties were initially limited to Airports of Casablanca, the government decided to opt for self management


OAC was the first step of the new scheme of Airport management which has been established in accordance with the Royal high vision of King Hassan II: “We are committed to develop, expand and modernize the communications network, to increase the Airports and raise them to the level of the most prestigious Airports worldwide”, Throne speech of March 3, 1981.

The positive result of this approach was a major factor in the decision of extending this experience to all Moroccan Airports.


The prerogatives of OAC were, thus, gradually and progressively extended to, eventually, cover all Airports and Air Navigation starting from 1990.

The reinforcement, by levels, of the institution skills is the result of a deliberate choice, and a strategic vision to ensure the optimal development of the Aeronautics sector. 

ONDA was created by Decree n° 2-89-480 of the first of Joumada II 1410 (30th of December 1989) made for the purpose of the Law n° 14-89 transforming the Authority of Casablanca Airports into the Moroccan Authority of Airports.

The process of developing this strategic Establishment was crowned, in 1991, by the Royal decision to link up all Air Navigation services to the ONDA.

This decision made it possible to strengthen the new Establishment’s role for a wider action to promote the Aeronautics sector.