It was in 1997 that the AVSEC center of Casablanca was accredited “Regional Center” of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Since then, the center (AVSEC) is accredited to provide training in the safety of Civil Aviation and is now part of the global training centers approved by ICAO.

The center offers specialized training based on respect for international standards. The aim is to contribute to the security, efficiency and regularity of

airport operations and air transport.

The main tasks of the center revolve around three axes:

  • Provide courses and training workshops certified ICAO based on “Educational kits “of aviation security.
  • Develop regional and international cooperation in training.
  • Provide training in “screening system “for officials responsible for the filtering inspection (DGSN, GR, Customs)

The AVSEC center of Casablanca provides kits in three languages: English, French and Arabic. Objective: To meet all the training needs of the contracting states of  ICAO.

Member of the ICAO aviation network / Trainair and Trainair plus associated member

The Mohammed 6th International Academy of Civil Aviation has been approved by ICAO as the first French Trainair Center Network.

Trainair is a cooperative network of training centers for Civil Aviation which develops courses using exactly the same method.

These courses are called “Standardized Educational Cases” (MPN) and are stored in the Database Network.

Each participating member has an access to the database MPN and to training courses designed by other members.

Note that ICAO monitors the standards of development process of courses.

ACI-AFRICA headquarters 

The Mohammed 6th International Academy of Civil Aviation (AIAC) houses  headquarters of the Regional Secretariat of the International Airport Council for the Africa Region (AIC- Casablanca Africa , Morocco) 

ACI’s mission is to ensure airports’ management and operations. Within a comparative analysis in terms of a customer service, a wide range of conferences, statistics products related to the sector and the publication of the best practices.

The ACI fund for Airports’ development gave its label to the Academy in recognition of its skillfully organized courses at international seminars.

The AIAC has become member of ( RMEI ) the Mediterranean Network of Engineering Schools.