Scientific Research

Scientific research is central to the process of training in the International Academy of Civil Aviation Mohammed 6th. Indeed AIAC develops and implements its own scientific research programs and / or in the context of doctoral studies.

The Academy also participates in regional, national or International research programs (public or private).

It aims in this context, to the development of activities related to the Civil Aviation Sector, namely:

  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Radar Surveillance
  • The Management of Air Traffic
  • Safety and Security
  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Economics of Air Transport
  • Aircraft Construction

As part of this mission  AIAC can ensure , by agreement or contract , supplies of services (for payment), create innovative business incubators, exploit patents and licenses, and Marketing the products of their activities.

The different laboratories available in the Academy have a high-tech equipment necessary to carry out the work and the scientific and technical studies.

These laboratories are controlled by a research team consisting of permanent research teachers, senior managers and associated researchers who may belong to partner institutions. This research team’s main mission:

  • Conduct Research in partnership with the aerospace industry and related sectors
  • Supervise Research projects from the second year.
  • Design practical work.

Duality between teaching and research emerges a high-level science courses, continuously adjusted to real industrial needs.