The Mohammed 6th international Academy of Civil Aviation


The Mohammed 6th International Academy of Civil Aviation (AIAC) is an institution of higher education.

Founded in 2000 by his Majesty The King Mohammed 6th, its mission is to train air- traffic controllers, electronics of air safety and engineers.

The Academy is under the Morrocan Airport Authority “ONDA” administration and under the supervision of the Ministry of Equipment and Transport. Instruction from the “AICA” is based on standards and practices recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

In 2006, Engineer training at the Academy led to Engineering Diploma in accordance with the law N° 01.00  concerning the organization of Higher Education.

Since then the AIAC trains engineers in computer engineering and flight operations, electronic and telecommunication engineering, in addition to industrial production engineering fields.

The AIAC is very committed to train senior staff managers able to bring innovation in different branches of the Civil Aviation. Therefore the Academy adapts its pedagogical program to the Aviation Industry and related sectors new expectations. It integrates continuously scientific and technological progress.

The “AICA” is located in a unique living environment in the heart of the Aeropole of Casablanca. Spread over an area of 6 hectares, it has the presence on the same site, of many high-tech industrial units and is close to the most important Airport in Morocco.