Casablanca - Mohammed V Airport

Plan. Exp. Origin Destination Via Flight N ° Status
Plan. Exp. Destination Origin Via Flight N ° Status

Assistance & Facilitation


Baggage Trolleys

Baggage trolleys are available at parkings and at the baggage delivery area of both terminals.

There are carriers on hand to help you (Price of the service 20,00 DH).

Air conditioning

To provide optimal comfort for travelers, the airport is equipped with air conditioning system.

Catering & Fast Food

Coffee Shops and restaurants are open according to the flights schedule in the public zone and the boarding zone.

Prayer rooms

Prayer rooms are located at the public halls and in the boarding area of both terminals.

Parking zone

Two closed open-air parking, located in front of the terminals T1 and T2 are open to passengers 24/7.

An additional parking located at Terminal is open only during the « Pilgrimage » season.

The entrance and exit barriers are automatic. In order to pay your ticket, please head on to the cashier at the exit barrier.


A gas-station is located close to the airport exit gates, open 24h/24

Laminate your luggage 

To secure your luggage, you can use the protective packaging. The laminator is available at the public halls in front of the check-in counters of the two terminals.

Display screens

Placed in different areas of the terminal “Departure” & “Arrival”, display screens will provide you with all the flights information.


Free access ordinary toilets as well as toilets dedicated to disabled persons are available everywhere in the terminal.

Transit area

The airport got a 2 450 m² national and international transit area. The international transit area has a commercial "Walkthrough", " self-service terminals " and check-in counters

Automatic Check-in (BLS)

With your e-ticket, you can proceed with your check-in at the self-service terminals (BLS). Passengers traveling without luggage can print their boarding pass out of these computers terminals:

  • RAM at « Departure » Terminal 2 level 1
  • AIR FRANCE at « Departure » Terminal 1 level 0

Baggage Litigations:

In case of loss or problems with your luggage, the “Baggage Litigation” service will handle the search and contact you for restitution.

  • RAM Handling litigeation
  • MGHS litigation
  • Saudia airlines litigation
  • Airarabia  litigation
  • Swissport litigation


The «Convives de Marque» and ONDA’s Business Aviation lounges, both at « Departure » and « Arrival »,  offer a warm welcome to VIPs and members.

Tourism Office

Based at the « Arrival » Terminal 1 level 0, its mission is to provide you with all necessary touristic information.