Tanger - Ibn Battouta Airport

Tanger - Ibn Battouta Airport
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The International Book Fair of Tangier

This fair is organized every year by the « Institut Français” of Tangier-Tetouan in collaboration with the “Northern provinces Development Agency”, the Regional Council of Tangier- Tetuan, the Moroccan Ministry of Culture and Communication, Tangier International Higher Institute of Tourism, the “Région Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur”, the Bureau du livre et le Service”.

Exhibition of architecture, housing and real estate

It’s a major event which allows further reflection on the achievements and the future of architecture in the Northern Provinces and Prefectures of the Kingdom.


It’s a meeting around Jazz music taking place in Tangier during the spring. The festival enlivens the streets of the “Detroit capital”, especially Boulevard “Pasteur”, Boulevard “Mohammed V”, Avenue “FAR” and Avenue “Bourguiba”, Rue “Belgique”, Rue “la Liberté”, Rue “Fez” and Rue “Hollande”.

The Mediterranean Nights Festival

Music festival held annually in Tangier between the months of June and July. Mediterranean Nights is co-organized by the “Institut Français” of the North and the Association “Tanger Région Action Culturelle” in partnership with the Tangier-Tetuan Region, the City of Tangier, the City of Tetuan, “Northern provinces Development Agency”, ONA, ONEP, the Regional Tourism Council, The Moroccan National Tourist Office, with the support of many public and private partners.

International Music Festival of Tangier

Traditional music festival held annually in the “Capital of the Detroit”. In the program: Provençal, Andalusian , Moroccan and African music.

Tangier International Amateur Theater Festival

Established in 1999 at the initiative of the “Fondation Lorin”, the Tangier International Amateur Theater Festival is an annual event held in May. Each year, a jury award a prize by cycle and some « coups de cœurs » are awarded to actors, or scenery or direction.

The International Festival of Asilah

This internationally renowned culture festival, honors visual arts, folklore and literature, independently from its origins. Conferences, exhibitions and concerts are organized all over the city and especially in the Hassan II Centre and the Raissouni Palace.

Moussem Of Assilah Creative Women

This international event contributes to promote the cultural program of the city of Asilah as an important touristic destination. This feminine “Moussem” is an opportunity to open cultural perspectives and build bridges between civilizations.