Tanger - Ibn Battouta Airport

Tanger - Ibn Battouta Airport
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Geographic location: Ibn Battuta Tangier airport is located at 11 km far away from the city of Tangier. The airport can be reached through the national road N° 1 and Boukhalef Road.

Tangier is among those cities that make you dream and give you inspiration. Crossroads of the world, Tangier is also the receptacle of all the creations, of all the fantasies.

Surrounded by a myth and a mystery, forged by itself or assigned by others, that last for millennia, and whose secret disclosure is not always easy, Tangier remains in the collective imagination as an artistic and inspiring city.

Only those who know how to tame it, who know how to charm it, who know how to respect and listen to its nights and phobias, its lights and beauties, can be able to love it and become its adopted children.

Tangier haunts writers, poets, painters, intellectuals and fellows among mortals since the mist of time. Countless books and researches were dedicated to Tangier, much before the colonial period. Writings on Tangier date back to the 10th and 11th century.

Tangier in the Other’s imagination doesn’t appear only in the writings of French English, Spanish or other travelers, but also in the diplomats’ reports, merchants, special envoys of other nations ...

Almost all the writings about Morocco begin their stories by describing the starting point, namely Tangier. As all ravel was often by sea, the majority of Morocco visitors had to pass inevitably by Tangier.

All major world nations were keen on having a storefront in Tangier. They fought fiercely for it and they were even ready to start wars in order to occupy it. But Tangier, abandoned by its own people, was divided like a pie, and several countries could have a part of it, offering a unique status to Tangier of an international city, status that other cities have always envied.

Nowadays, things have changed so much, more in the positive way, but Tangier knew, nevertheless, how to preserve its charms, mystery, its attractions that nobody can easily explain.