Oujda - Angads Airport

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Plan. Exp. Destination Origin Via Flight N ° Status

Practical Info

Oujda Airport is 45 km far from the Mediterranean coast, 50 km from Berkane, 130 km from Nador and 142 km from Melilla.

It is bordered to the North by the Beni Snassen Mountains and to the East by Algeria. Oujda has a Mediterranean climate with a warm/cold rainy winter and a hot summer.

The rainfall is irregular and sometimes it snows in the winter. Rainfall is between 350 and 500 mm per year.

Average annual temperatures vary between 15 ° C and 20 ° C. Highest temperature can exceed 40 ° C, for example July 31st, 2001 where the temperature reached 46.2 ° C or July 12th 2011 with 45.7 ° C while the absolute minimum temperatures sometimes drops below 0 ° C as in January 28th, 2005 when the temperature dropped to - 7.1 ° C.

However, temperatures are most of the time mild on the Mediterranean coast.