Ouarzazate Airport

Ouarzazate Airport
Plan. Exp. Origin Destination Via Flight N ° Status
Plan. Exp. Destination Origin Via Flight N ° Status

Assistance & Facilitation

Baggage Trolleys:

Baggage trolleys are available at the customs controlled « Arrival » zone, the « Departure » Public Hall and the car parking. Carriers are also available to assist you.

Air Conditioning:

In order to offer an optimal comfort to travelers, the Ouarzazate Airport Terminal has an air conditioning system. 


The Terminal premises have a bar and a restaurant which are open according to the flights schedules. 

Prayer rooms:

An area for prayer is located outside the terminal, close to the “West parking”. 

Display screens:

Placed in different zones of the terminal, display screens will provide you in due time, with all the information about flights. 


Sanitary blocks and toilets for disabled persons are at the disposal of the passengers. They are available at the Public Hall, the “Departure” Hall and the “Arrival” Hall.

Baggage Litigations:

In case of loss or problem with your luggage, the “Baggage Litigation” service will handle the search and contact you for restitution. You can contact this service by dialing the following number:

RAM : +212 5 24 89 91 30 / 40

Disabled persons

For an easy access for disabled persons, wheelchairs are available. You just need to contact the reservations desk of your airline company.