Laayoune Hassan 1st Airport

Laayoune Hassan 1st Airport
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Plan. Exp. Destination Origin Via Flight N ° Status


Built in 1985 by the King Hassan II, Hassan 1st Airport plays a key role in the Laayoune- Boujdour- Sakia El Hamra region’s social and economic development, ensuring to it an open gate to the world. Since its inauguration, this airport ensures regular flights between Laayoune and Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, where live many Moroccans originating from the southern provinces.

Geographic situation: Close to Laâyoune city, 2 Km far from the downtown.

Geographic details: 27°09’06’’N 013°13'09''W (TWR, WGS-84)

Roads and properties around the airport:

  • Up North: Avenue Baba Ahmed.
  • Down South: inhabited State field.
  • To the East: La grande ceinture Route, Hay Al Matar Area and industrial Area.  
  • To the West: RN 1 Tangier Lagouira, Saguia El Hamra river.