Guelmime Airport

Guelmime Airport
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Plan. Exp. Destination Origin Via Flight N ° Status


Geographic situation: 8 km North West of Guelmim

The Guelmim - Es Smara Region lays on 142,380 km² area, so about 20 % of the Kingdom’s surface.

With its privileged geostrategic position and the diverse range of its natural sites, the region has all the ingredients of a major touristic attraction.

The region has more than 170 Kms of Atlantic coastline (provinces of Guelmim and Tan-Tan), especially “La Plage Blanche” which lays on 40 km, “Oued Chbika” and some thermal sources.

Indeed, the region has a considerable potential, especially its large and varied natural landscape and the richness of its cultural heritage throughout the mixing of Berber and Hassani cultures and traditions.


The Taghjijt, Asrir, Tighmert, Anti- Atlas Ifrane and Timoulay communes’ oasis, have several touristic attractions:

The Ksours and Kasbahs, the historical sites along the Oued Noun and in Kahf Lahmam (cave of pigeons) in Ait Bouflen commune, the Igoudars or collective warehouses (Amtoudi) and the rock carvings.

The province of Tata (Akka, Tata, Foum Zguid) and the Province of Assa-Zag( Assa) palm groves are among the largest ones in the south of Morocco (more than one million palm trees, so 20% of the national dates palms heritage).

Spas, including Abaynou and Ain Lalla Mellouka, whose water is famous for the treatment of dermal and rheumatic diseases, because of its curative virtues.


Foum Assaka, touristic site which already attracts the tourism professionals and tour operators. This coastline of great ecological and landscape richness is considered as a touristic destination.

Foum Draâ, an isolated site and hardly accessible by trail from the RN 1. It presents a remarkable landscape quality with a diverse fauna.

The site has been subject to a deep analysis for the sake of a future tourism development in the framework of a programming and developing study of a touristic zone which will contain 8000 beds.

In addition to the outfalls, the surroundings of these oueds toward the hinterland, offer a significant touristic interest, attracting many investors in the tourism sector.

This is, for instance, the case of a French developer who built a hotel unit in Fort Boujrif (rural town of Targawassay - Province of Guelmim ) which has a great success as it attracts, every month, more than 400 tourists originating from different countries.

The same for the Ksar Tafnidilt located along the river and has similar success, the Abaynou Station and the Tighmert eco museum. Two other achievements Dar Infiane Tata and Akka Nait Sidi VIP bivouac ( Rural town of Tissint ) need also to be noted for their original concept and success.

Plage Blanche, this hotel unit will be developed 50 Kms to the south of Ifni and 60 Kms to the south-east of Guelmim. Being the first eco touristic sea resort with a capacity of 30,000 beds, makes it very singular and unique.

Hotel units (5* and 4* hotels and holiday tourist villages) for a capacity of approximately 8,000 beds. An 18 holes golf course, a craft and trade center, a spa and leisure facilities.

Residential units with a total capacity of 10,500 beds, about 2,200 apartments and villas.