Agadir - Massira Airport

Agadir - Massira Airport
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The Agadir Royal Aero Club is one of the best places of Agadir city.

Aero Club is considered as a real sports and leisure place of the seaside resort of Agadir. Based in Agadir Al Massira Airport, the Aeroclub’s fleet is composed of five aircrafts: Piper, Mooney and Beechcraft models.

In the program: Air drives and initiation flights accompanied by an instructor.

The Aeroclub’s flying school also offers you theoretical and practical trainings for a Private Pilot License (PPL) and the IFR instrument flight qualification.

An additional Aeroclub highlight: the local weather, throughout the year favorable for VFR flights.

The Aeroclub is open to neighboring residents and tourists.

Join our club which will welcome you in a friendly atmosphere and learn to fly our planes! Thrill fans will not be disappointed!