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Hassan II Trophy Association :

ONDA has been a historic partner of ATH since 2005. ATH is a sports association that organizes national and international golf competitions, and aims to promote golf in Morocco by positioning the Kingdom as a must-visit golf destination on an international level.

ITTIHAD RIYADDI of Tangier - Football section :

The ITTIHAD RIADHI of Tangier (IRT) is a Moroccan football club created in 1983, based in Tangier, and playing in Botola Pro. The club represents the province of Tangier in several football events at the national level.

Royal Moroccan Motorcycle Federation :

ONDA is a partner of the Royal Moroccan Motorcycle Federation. The Federation's mission is to promote motor racing sports (Jet Ski, water skiing, etc...), both nationally and internationally.

Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports :

ONDA has been a partner of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports since 2008, which has been working since its creation on developing and promoting the equestrian sports in the Kingdom as well as on the international level.

Airports Cultural and Sports Association (ACSA) - Tennis :

Since 1987, ONDA has been sponsoring ACSA Tennis, a cultural and sporting airport association, which is known to be one of the most successful clubs in the Royal Moroccan Tennis Federation, given its record of achievements.