Continuing Education

The Continuing Education falls as the main mission of the IACA, in accordance with Law 01-00, as well as initial education and research.


  •    Promote the skills and acquire new knowledge, validated by a term certificate or dipolma;  
  •    Suggest to companies courses that meet immediate or structural needs.
  •    Accompany the development of Human resources of the company.

Axes of continuing education:

  • Continuing Education intra ONDA ;
  • Continuing Education for sector companies ;
  • Continuing Education at the service of businesses in general ;
  • Continuing Education to international.

Continuing Education Actions :

  •   Action Of Short Duration : Traineeship, seminars , workshops   
    •   Catalog and Training Plan
    •   Catalog and Training Plan
  •   Action Of Long Duration :  6 to 12 months
    •   Training of air operations officers.
    •   Training in Network, Languages and management