The Mohammed V Airport’s Aeropole

The Aeropole of Mohammed V Airport is made up of two sections.

The First Section : 

The first Section is made of 6 departments:

1- Aeronautics Industries Department

An outstanding center dedicated to the aerospace industry, the aerospace industry cluster is a flagship product meant for companies operating in the aeronautics sector and is supervised by their subcontractors.

The park’s occupancy rate is estimated currently at 68%. Found also on site, 21 companies are operational, and one more is yet to be introduced.

The available lots are fully serviced and vary between 5 Ha and 2500 m².

The number of jobs created is 2,937 jobs presenting an investment amount of more than 1.21 billion DHS.

The restoration works aimed at extending the Aerospace Industries Cluster are underway. They should clear a rentable area of about 10 Ha.

2- "Ready for service” spaces

These are ready-to-use spaces of 400 m² in size. These "Ready for service" spaces can accommodate service companies related to the aerospace industry as well as innovative companies.

The location is made up of buildings designed in concordance with the concept of "intelligent buildings", making it possible to have modular offices instantly.

These spaces also offer shared services (training room, meeting room, copy center ...).

It is run by the "WAGA ENGINEERING” company which specializes in the distribution of aeronautics industry equipments and tools.

 3- "Ready To Output” spaces

These industrial production spaces are ready for use and are meant for aeronautics industry. They consist of production sites and offices, supplied in water, electricity, compressed air and computer networks. The dimensions are as follows: 767 m², 1017 m², 1792 m² and 2925 m².

4- Support Industry Department

This division is reserved for innovative, non-polluting industrial units that operate, inter alia, in the agri-food, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

The plot sizes vary between 2,000 m² and 50,000 m².

The number of jobs created is 3,284 jobs – which represents an investment amount of more than 1.85 billion DHS.

The occupancy rate is currently 88%.

Also on site, 38 companies are already operational, 7 agreements are signed and are being implemented.

5- Training Center

This space includes:

  • The Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation which provides training for technicians, controllers and engineers in aeronautics. (AIAC)
  • The Institute of Aeronautics Professions (IMA).
  • The Specialized Institute in Aerospace and Airport Logistics (ISMALA, an OFPPT branch).
  • GEODE (MUNDIAPOLIS): University Specialized in Management, Finance and Administration.

 6- Life Center

To meet the needs of companies, a “Life Center" will soon be brought to life in the area. It will include banks, a canteen for institutional catering, a Medical Emergency center and a Post Office.

The Second Section :

In response to the increasing demands, the Moroccan Airports Authority has launched the extension works of the second section of the Aeropole.

It consists of:

An area for aeronautics industries and services. This part extends on a rentable 10 Ha as of:

  • An area of 64,394 m² for the aviation industry.
  • An area of 26,420 m² for companies specializing in aeronautics services

The minimum size of the plots is 1,500 m².

  • A commercial area of 32,768 m² including food and local shops.
  • An area of 6 ha for the construction of hotel units.
  • An area of 2,411 m² for accompanying equipments.

This second section is expected to generate 2,000 to 3,000 jobs.

A study is underway for ONDA to choose a model for the development of this area.


The Aeropole offers investors a range of services, including:

  • Reception and assistance: accompanying investors through various Moroccan Administration institutes and organizations.
  • Partnership network.
  • Park management, maintenance of networks, green spaces, surveillance and security.
  • Projects on the transport and catering sharing are being finalized.
  • Professional trainings and internships at the Mohammed 6th International Academy of Civil Aviation in favor of Aeronautics Technicians.
  • Two training institutes in Aeronautics Professions (IMA and ISMALA)
  • Permanent contact with members of the Moroccan Group Aviation and Aerospace Industrialists (GIMAS) to meet their expectations and assist them in the problems they may encounter in their daily management.


The Aeropole offers several advantages, namely:

  • Inter-modality of air, road and rail transport (construction of a new freight station and a logistics area by the Aeropole),
  • The proximity of training centers on aeronautics industry,
  • The availability of a skilled workforce,
  • A good environment to develop the aeronautics industries,
  • High-performance equipment and facilities
  • A fully secured area,
  • Serviced and equipped industrial lands, offered for long-term rental and at incentive rates.  The formula is adopted to prevent investors from immobilizing capital in land acquiring,
  • A strategic position and proximity advantages (the main international economic centers are served in a high frequency of flights from Casablanca)
  • Advanced logistics,
  • A few minutes away from nearby hotel units in the area




Surface area


Aeronautics Industries

8,691 m²


Generation of extracts for industry and food and all the related activities

6,559 m²


Food & drinks

16,860 m²


Manufacturing, metal builiding installation and polyurethane sandwich panels

8,370 m²


Manufacturing and importing industrial ready-made mortars

5,000 m²

Aik technologie

Lighting products manufacturing

5,000 m²


Construction of o logistics Platform, preparation of some food products

5,000 m²