The Mohammed V Airport’s Aeropole

Mohammed V Airport Aeropole consists of two blocks:

1st Tranche:

The first tranche is modulated in 6 poles:

1-The first tranche is modulated in 6 poles:

A park of excellence dedicated to the aviation industry, the division of Aviation Industries is a flagship product for companies operating in the aeronautical field, framed by their subcontractors.

The park occupation rate is currently estimated at 66%. Onsite 21 companies are active while a new company premises are under construction.

The available lots are fully serviced and vary between 5 Ha and 2500 m2.

The number of jobs created is 3056 jobs for a total investment of more than 1,36 million dirhams.

The development and extension works of the aeronautical industries pole are being implemented. They will generate a net area of about 10 Ha for hire.

2- “Ready for services” Space

These are ready for employment spaces with an area of 400 m2. “Ready for services” spaces can accommodate service-businesses related to the Aviation industry or innovating companies.

The site consists of buildings designed according to the concept of “Intelligent Buildings” allowing to dispose immediately of modular offices.

This space also benefits from pooled services (training room, meeting room, copy center…).

It is assigned to the company “Waga Engineering” specialized in the distribution of tooling equipment for the aerospace industry.

3-“Ready To Output” Space

Such spaces of industrial production are ready for use and are intended for the aerospace industry. It consists of production sites and offices, equipped with water, electricity, compressed air and computer networks. The surfaces are 767m², 1017m², 1792 m² and 2925 m².

4-Support Industries pole

This pole is reserved to non-polluting and innovative industrial units which operate among others in the fields of food processing, pharmaceutical and automobile industries.

The surfaces of the plots vary between 2.000m2 and 50.000 m2.

The number of jobs created is 3 284 jobs for a total investment of more than 1,85 billion dirhams.

The occupancy rate is currently 87%.

On the site, 38 companies are already operational, 7 agreements are signed and being implemented.

5-Training pole

This area includes:

  • The Mohammed V International Academy of Civil Aviation which trains technicians, air-traffic controllers and engineers in aerospace.
  • The Skills Institute of Aeronautics (IMA).
  • The Institute Specialized in the Trades of Aviation and Airport Logistics (ISMALA falling within the OFPPT).
  • GEODE (MUNDIAPOLIS): The University specialized in the administration, finance and management fields

6-Center of life

To support various needs of businesses, a “center of life” will soon emerge in the area. It will include, in particular, Banks, a Canteen for catering, a Medical Emergency Center and a Post Office.

Second Tranche:

View the expressed demand, the Moroccan Airports Authority has launched the development works of a second tranche at the Aeropole level.
It includes:

An area for aeronautical industries and services. This part covers 10 Ha net for rent.

That’s to say:

  • A land area of 64.394 m2 for the aviation industry.
  • A land area of 26.420 m2 for firms specialized in Aviation services.

The minimum size of the plots is 1500m2.

  • A commercial zone on an area 32.768 m2 including food places and local shops.
  • A land area of 6 Ha intended for the construction of hotel units.
  • A land area of 2.411 m2 is reserved for accompaniment equipments.

This second tranche is expected to generate 2.000 to 3.000 jobs.

projects in progress



Area m²


Industries aéronautiques

24 564


Industries aéronautiques

8 691


Production d'extraits pour l'industrie et l'alimentaire et toutes activités annéxes

6 559


Boissons alimentaires

16 860


Fabrication, pose de construction métallique et panneaux sandwich en polyuréthane

8 370


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